Kahina Pōhaku is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are grateful for all of our friends, patrons, partners, and volunteers who have kept the fishpond running for decades and pledge to continue our work for the sake of future generations.

Your partnership, participation, and generous grants help cover everyday operating costs, like:

Paracord – used in maintaining and repairing the traditional Hawaiian hales (shelers) on site.

Toilet – on-site portable toilet are available for guest and haumana during educational visits and work days.

Stone – Pōhaku (stone) is the foundation of any loko i’a. Reinforcing the wall requires constant upkeep. Sometimes, gathering stone off-site is required. This may accrue additional cost for stones and equipment used for gathering and transport.

The vision for Kahina Pōhaku is to perpetuate Hawaiian culture and feed communities as we did hundreds of years ago. We depend upon your generosity to continue to preserve and share this living culture for years to come.

You can support our kuleana (responsibility, sacred obligation) to mālama (care for) Kahina Pōhaku via Paypal below.