Kahina pohaku is a privately running the fishpond in the process of getting non-profit status. Donations and volunteers are crucial in keeping the fishpond running for years to come.

Here are a few things that are amongst the constant expenditure of running the loko i’a

Line- used in maintaining and repairing the traditional hawaiian hale on site.

toilet- on site is a portable toilet that is used for guest and haumana to use during educational visits and work days. it requires frequent pumping to keep the loko i’a visitor accessible. Kahina pohaku is a sacred place that house iwi because of this we urge visitors to be respectful and use on sit bathroom.

Stone- Pohaku is the foundation of any loko i’a reinforcing the wall is constant upkeep. sometimes gathering stone off site is required this may accrue cost for stones and equipment used for gathering and transport.

The vision for Kahina Pohaku is to perpetuate Culture and feed communities as they did hundreds of years ago. We need your help to continue to share the culture for years to come.

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