Schedule a Retreat

Hundreds of people from around the world have come to Kahina pohaku loko i’a for some time to decompress from their busy lives. Uncle Leimana has guided many visitors in Healing through selfless work on the fishpond and teaching them to subsist purely off the land and oceans itself. We can handle Groups up to 5-7 people @ the maximum of 3 nights. Toilet on site, we ask for visitors to bring their own water and food and to be mindful of their trash. Kahina pohaku is first and foremost a learning center. We are not a hotel or operate for commerce. We have the Right to Turn anyone away.

Our fishpond is funded through Donations and your support is greatly appreciated. for more information on rates and on how you can Stay and Donate please fill out form below and gives a description of your group size and stay length between 1-3 days a 2 week prior notice for scheduling required.